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Healthy Eating

Baginton Fields is a school which takes the idea of a healthy lifestyle and its promotion very seriously. We want our students and their parents to be aware of the different ways in which they can improve their lifestyles, and want to equip them with all the knowledge necessary. Apart from the usual lunchtime clubs, such as Baginton Boppers and Basketball or Dodgeball Clubs, and various types of PE lessons, some of our classes have adopted daily walks around the field as a part of their morning routine. This encourages students to do some form of exercise every day and it builds up their stamina and fitness.

As a part of this, Health Eating is something that we as a school try to promote not just to our students, but also their parents. We give parents recommendations of what to put in their child’s packed lunch and we make sure that our school lunches were both tasty and nutritional. In cooking lessons the focus on healthy eating can be shown through the types of meals we decide to make, such as vegetable curries, smoothies and different types of salads. Over time we have seen our students begin to become more open and keen to trying new foods that they would not have tried before. It is great to see our students choosing to follow this healthy lifestyle by picking a glass of water over squash or a piece of fruit over a biscuit. Our annual Healthy Eating Day where students and parents make and bring healthy food and snacks to a picnic is always a hit. We are so happy to see that the parents join us in encouraging their children to adopt this lifestyle.

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