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Reading Schemes

At Baginton Fields School we understand that language and communication skills are essential to all our students to promote life skills, independence and learning across the curriculum.  Reading skills are taught and promoted from use of signs and symbols to differentiated reading schemes.

Students use and have access to a wide range of signs, symbols, sensory and social stories and non-fiction, fiction books. These are used alongside books online, stories and films on interactive whiteboards and iPads to develop students’ knowledge and interaction with reading tasks.

The school uses written materials and activities starting with labelled objects of reference, Communication in Print to a range of reading schemes and books and audio books.

These include book bags, picture matching cards, sentence building games, talking buttons and the use of iPad games.

Phonics screening and word building is assessed and taught within the structure of the Letters and sound scheme, supported with the Collins Big Cat phonics and reading programme as well as a range of phonics progression books that teach sentence structure and word decoding as well as meaning and comprehension.

Pupils are encouraged to look, observe, read and engage signs, symbols and print in order to have an understanding of reading within their own levels of learning. Activities such as World Book and curriculum days promote an interest in reading and broaden students’ experiences of reading.

Learning is enhanced with trips outside in the community, for examples to cafés and shops, reading and looking at signs and theatre trips.